The hunza valley and the people living there.

After investegating about the Hunza for this article, I am quite impressed with their way of life. My research therefore refers me to the source of our existence, namely water. Everything around us is water. Why do we know so little about it? Did you know that pure energetic water has no conductivity, that nothing can get through, not even electricity! We are talking here about water with a very high resistance. As I said we consist of water! Doesn’t it make sense to think that this might be the key to why these people are rarely sick? Pure energetic water energizes our body and detoxifies the body. Besides that the water is very healthy, the water tastes very good.

The healthiest people in the world

You may or may not believe it, but living 145 years old in good health proves to be feasible. The people from Hunza are living proof of that. In the Himalayas in northern Pakistan live the Hunza. Scottish physician Robert McCarrison discovered them sometime between World War I and World War II. He managed to live among the Hunza for Lifestyles of the Hunza If we live according to the biological laws, the body has a normal life expectancy of 120 years. The Hunza have no diseases and effortlessly live from 120 to 130 years. But how come they get so old? Could we learn something from this? If you look at their way of life, we see some striking things:

  • They eat food from their own region fed with pure water. They do not use pesticides and usually eat it fresh and unprocessed.

  • They only use pure energetic water that flows down from the glaciers above through mountain streams.

  • The short time between the new harvest and the depletion of the previous year’s supplies compels them so fast, a period of purification for the mind and body.

  • Everyone makes a considerable physical effort every day.

  • No exposure to radiation.

  • They have no illnesses, even colds are rare.

  • No crime.

Test rats

1189 rats were fed from birth on the same food that people in the Hunza Valley consumed. This diet consisted of unprocessed vegetable food with only a small portion of meat, uncooked milk and a lot of pure energetic water once a week. The rats were fed this diet for 27 months, comparable to 45 human years. It was striking that no trace of diseases was found during this period.


The comparison

Compared to the population in the Hunza valley, we do very poorly in our little country with an average age of 75-80 years. While the majority thinks they live somewhat healthy, the facts point in a completely different direction. However, I don’t think we can live like the Hunza. The majority of us cannot grow our own vegetables, just like the people of the Hunza valley, and we lack of pure water. Despite the fact that they tell us that we have the purest tap water in the world, it turns out that this is unfortunately not the case with the tests. They live up to 150 years old and are rarely ill. What is the secret of the Hunza? The Hunza Valley is located on the border between India and Pakistan. People who live there live on average between 110 and 120 years old. They are rarely ill and look young even at a later age. It is also striking that the inhabitants of the Hunza Valley, unlike neighboring peoples, have a European appearance. The Hunza, also known as Burusho, bath in ice-cold water, are still active even in old age and can still have children when they are 65 years old. In the summer they eat fruit and raw vegetables and in the winter their diet consists of dried apricots, grains and sheep cheese. Researchers say that residents of the Hunza Valley mainly eat vegetarian and raw products. All food products they eat are 100 percent natural and contain no chemicals.

Alcohol and delicacies are rare and the people consume little salt and only local products. They also fast regularly. In 1963, a French expedition team visited the Hunza Valley. The team discovered that the Hunza lived to be an average of 120 years old. At an international conference on cancer in Paris in August 1977, it was announced that cancer did not occur in the Hunza.

In April 1984, a Hong Kong newspaper published an article about a Hunza called Said Abdul Mobut, who had traveled to London. The airport staff was puzzled when he showed his passport. It turned out that he was born in 1823, which meant that he was 160 years old. The Hunza’s secret to longevity: eat naturally, keep moving and never change your pace of life. That way, according to the Hunza, people can live up to 120-150 years old.

The Hunza Health Secrets

The Hunza Valley is located in a remote, unspoilt area of northern Pakistan, where locals grow their own food and use fresh glacial water for drinking and bathing. Cut off from any nearby cities or commercial centers, the Hunza do not consume processed foods and eat a diet rich in vegetables, milk, grains and fruits, especially apricots. Apricots are a staple of the Hunza, who reportedly follow a diet consisting exclusively of apricot juice for several months of the year. The Hunza are said to have no cancer due to their consumption of vitamin B-17, also known as amygdalin, which is found in apricot seeds. Their diet also largely consists of raw fruits and vegetables and smaller amounts of meat. There are certain parts of the world, known as Blue Zones, with high concentrations of centenarians and longer life expectancies. While not on that list, the Hunza share some similar features with residents of the Blue Zone. Like the Blue Zones, the Hunza live in a high-altitude area, where many perform physically demanding tasks, keeping them in peak condition while breathing clean, fresh air.